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Upcoming Events

UTC Telecom & Technology 2021

Location: Portland, Oregon
Date: August 23 – 27

Anterix is proud to be a Gold Level sponsor at the upcoming UTC Telecom & Technology conference. Anterix will have a short presentation before the Keynote address and will be hosting the panel on Wednesday August 25th at 9:40-10:40am within the “Wireless Communications Infrastructure” track.

UTC Telecom & Technology will provide the opportunity to network, explore and gain knowledge and insight into the world of Information & Communications Technology (ICT). Attendees will enjoy a plethora of sessions, webinars and forums that go in-depth into the world of telecommunications and technology.

Digital 360 Summit

Digital 360 Summit

Location: San Marcos, Texas
Date: August 31-September 2

Anterix is happy to be a Silver Level sponsor at the upcoming Digital 360.

Rob Schwartz, Anterix’s President & Chief Executive Officer will be giving the Industrial IoT and Private Networks Keynote on August 31st at 1:00pm CT. Ryan Gerbrandt, Anterix’s Chief Operating Officer, will be featured on the Industrial IoT and Private Networks Panel along side panelists from AT&T, Easymetering, Nokia, and Texas State University.

Digital 360 Summit is the premier event for senior executives driving industry digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization. The conference will have 100 plus speakers, 400 companies and 1,000 attendees. 20 keynotes and 14 panels. 2 tours of 6 labs at Texas State. 14 White Papers, 20 videos. 1 vendor showcase. And 2 award ceremonies.

UTC Northeast Regional Meeting - Private LTE Workshop

UTC Northeast Regional Meeting – Private LTE Workshop

Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Date: September 15 – 17

Anterix is proud to be a Premier Event sponsor for the upcoming UTC Northeast Regional Meeting. You will be able to connect with Anterix at this conference at Booth 16. We will also be speaking at this conference.

This conference will address options for utilities to build and own a private, highly secure, reliable, and high-capacity 4G LTE network for distribution automation. Explore how it provides utilities with a single platform with continuity for their critical grid applications along with true broadband capacity as the distribution grid evolves with a broader IoT strategy. This workshop will feature a wide array of sessions, round table discussions, exhibits, and networking opportunities.

SEARUC 2021 Annual Education Conference

SEARUC 2021 Annual Education Conference

Location: Kingsport, Tennessee
Date: October 3 – 6

Anterix is excited to be a Gold Level Sponsor at the upcoming SEARUC 2021 Annual Education Conference. Anterix will have a table and materials at this conference.

The purpose of the Southeastern Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (SEARUC) shall be the advancement and education of commission regulation through the study and discussions of subjects concerning the operation and supervision of public utilities to protect the interests of the people with respect to regulation of the Southeastern States. SEARUC is also to promote cooperation among the commissions of the 11 states and the unincorporated territory of the United States of America.

T&D World Black Sky Hazards & Grid Resilience

T&D World Black Sky Hazards & Grid Resilience

Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Date: October 11 – 12

Anterix is happy to be sponsors at the Innovation Level for the upcoming T&D World Event: Black Sky Hazards & Grid Resilience.

This conference is about Black Sky Hazards & Grid Resilience. Delivery of electricity is an essential service, one that provides for the well-being of our modern society. This is evident especially when disasters occur; the first order of business for public health and safety is to maintain reliable power. Creating a resilient grid means assessing and planning for a multitude of extreme climate risks and physical threats.

UBBA Annual Summit & Plugfest 2021

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Date: October 19 – 21

Anterix is proud to be a Welcome Reception and PLUGFEST Sponsor at the UBBA Annual Summit this Fall.

UBBA will bring the first ever Private LTE Plugfest to St. Louis in October to showcase the interoperability of IoT devices and utility use cases on private LTE networks. This will be an exciting event aimed at examining the interoperability, security and scale of private LTE for utilities. If you’re looking to build the utility of the future and want to see what one looks like, this is the place for you. The event will explore the key challenges facing electric utilities and set the stage for real collaboration as we analyze private broadband as a critical information infrastructure for utilities.

Highlighted Events

Past Events

TVPPA Engineering, Operations, and Technology Conference

TVPPA’s Engineering, Operations, and Technology Conference

Location: Marriott Downtown & Convention Center, Chattanooga, TN
Date: August 11-13

Rich Creegan, Anterix’s Vice President of Sales, was on the panel “Benefits and Use of Private LTE Networks” on Friday, August 13th from 10:30am to 11:00am ET at TVPPA’s Engineering, Operations, and Technology Conference.

The Tennessee Valley region comes together annually for nearly three days of information, educational content, networking with peers and an expansive trade show with more than 120 vendors, designed to assist utility engineers, operations professionals, and others working to keep their communities powered for life and work.

Regulators’ Financial Toolbox: Communications Network for DER Integration

Location: Virtual
Date: August 10 at 2:00pm – 3:30pm ET

Anterix’s Vice President of Energy Markets & Innovation, Andrew Bordine, spoke in The Regulators’ Financial Toolbox series. He was featured alongside panelists from Newport Consulting Group, Taconic Advisory Services, LLC, and Xcel Energy.

On the Communications Networks Toolbox webinar, there were multiple perspectives on how communications networks work; what is unique about distribution system and grid edge communications vis a vis the distribution system and bulk power system communications; what their benefits are to the electricity system; and considerations specifically for regulators.

Global Transmission Conference on Transmission Infrastructure Investment US

Location: Virtual
Date: July 29 at 2:00pm ET

Rob Schwartz, Anterix’s President & Chief Executive Officer spoke at Global Transmission Conference on Transmission Infrastructure Investment US on the panel “Grid Modernization – Challenges and Solutions”.

The objective of the conference was to explore the issues that impact transmission investment and discuss how to finance the needed infrastructure. The conference brought together policymakers, regulators, utilities, investors and technology providers to discuss what’s needed to build a decarbonized, resilient and modern electricity grid in the US.

2021 NARUC Summer Policy Summit

2021 NARUC Summer Policy Summit

Location: Virtual / Denver, Colorado
Date: July 18 – 21

Anterix was proud to be an Executive Sponsor for the NARUC Summer Policy Meeting. This well-rounded event featured thought leaders, regulators, industry, and analysts. Anterix had resources available on both the virtual conference site and at the in-person portion of this event.

MACRUC 26th Annual Education Conference: Policy, Process and People

MACRUC 26th Annual Education Conference: Policy, Process and People

Location: Virtual / Nemacolin Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania
Date: June 27th – 30th

Anterix was excited to be a premier sponsor at MACRUC 26th Annual Education Conference Policy, Process, and People. The format of the conference was hybrid. Anterix had resources and a video sponsorship available on the conference site.

Ericsson Virtual Webinar Innovation Day Panel

Ericsson Virtual Webinar Innovation Day Panel

Location: Virtual
Date: July 15

The Ericsson Utilities Virtual Innovation Day was an exciting, immersive experience, with interactive demonstrations and presentations. Attendees learned about the newest connectivity and communications developments for utilities from Ericsson and industry experts.

Ryan Gerbrandt, Anterix’s Chief Operating Officer, was be featured on the panel “Private networks: An Essential Tool for Modernizing Power Grids and Lowering Operational Expenses” to discuss with other industry experts from Ericsson, Burns & McDonnell, and Hitachi ABB how to address utilities’ needs through innovation.

West Monroe's Panel - Utility Telecom: Standardizing Communications with Private LTE

West Monroe’s Panel – Utility Telecom: Standardizing Communications with Private LTE

Location: Virtual
Date: June 17

Alice Moy-Gonzalez, Anterix’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Development, was featured in this digital event with West Monroe and industry leaders to discuss PLTE spectrum, technology, and share their perspectives, viewpoints, and experiences on how they are planning to evaluate and/or deploy PLTE networks.

NAMIC Atlanta Celebrates Caribbean Heritage with Callaloo Chats

NAMIC Atlanta Celebrates Caribbean Heritage with Callaloo Chats

Location: Virtual
Date: June 9

Alice Moy-Gonzalez, Anterix’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Development, spoke on her Caribbean heritage in this celebratory panel at NAMIC. Callaloo Chats is a panel conversation at NAMIC in partnership with Anterix, Cox Enterprises, and Verizon Media. You can rewatch this panel to learn how allyship, advocacy and being authentic allowed these leaders to build and nourish their careers in their ongoing integration into the US corporate landscape.

EEI The Road to Net Zero

EEI The Road to Net Zero

Location: Virtual
Date: June 8th – 10th

Anterix was proud to be a gold sponsor of the event, EEI 2021 The Road to Net Zero. The Edison Electric Institute brought together the nation’s foremost thought leaders, industry executives, and policymakers for two days of conversation around the transition to clean energy and the road to net zero carbon emissions. Anterix had resources available on the conference site and a Power Talk Video “The Role of Utility Broadband In Getting to Net Zero” to discuss building the energy grid of tomorrow with PLTE featuring Anterix’s Executive Chairman of the Board, Morgan O’Brien.

NARUC The Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners

NARUC The Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners

Location: Virtual
Date: June 7th - June 8th

Anterix was happy to be a swan sponsor of NARUC’s The Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners. The purpose of this annual meeting was to contribute to the betterment of commission regulation through study and discussion.

CBRS Panel

Panel: Is CBRS Key to Transforming U.S. Enterprise Networks?

Location: Virtual
Date: May 25th at 9:25 AM - 9:55 AM ET

Anterix was proud to be a sponsor of the Private Networks Forum. This virtual day of sessions was focused on answering the question: Are private networks the key to driving enterprises into the Industry 4.0 era? Anterix’s Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Gerbrandt, was on the panel “Is CBRS Key to Transforming U.S. Enterprise Networks?” with panelists from OnGo Alliance and Accenture.

Solution Partners Panel – The Elements That Enable Smart Grid

Location: Virtual
Date: May 13th at 1:00 PM ET

The smart grid is “smart” because it includes sensors, applications, and devices that use telecommunications, and computer intelligence to create, collect, analyze, and act upon data. The many exciting innovations coming on the market—innovations that are driving utilities’ digital transformations—depend upon these critical elements.

This session featured experts from the companies behind some of those innovations—Atomation, Hitachi, and LineVision— as they discussed the importance of these underlying elements that enable their game-changing products and services.

FCC Certified Devices Panel – Devices Supporting Utility Grid Evolution

Location: Virtual
Date: May 12th at 11:00 AM ET

As utilities modernize their infrastructure to digitalize the grid, they become increasingly reliant upon digital technologies and devices. The device ecosystem must possess the depth, sophistication, and advanced capabilities necessary to support utility requirements.

This discussion featured experts from 4RF, Telit and General Electric and their conversation addressed how devices are evolving to meet utilities’ new communications needs, and how federal device certification is an important element of that evolution.

Infrastructure Panel – Private LTE for Utilities – Investigating Secure Broadband Networks

Location: Virtual
Date: May 11th at 1:00 PM ET

As utilities work to deploy the next-generation of industrial-strength wireless connectivity based on LTE and 5G technologies, they will need to create private, secure, reliable, and resilient networks to support their grid modernization plans. Such transformation requires openness to new approaches, technologies and platforms supported by an ecosystem of vendors and products focused on utilities’ particular goals and challenges.

Ericsson, Motorola Solutions and Nokia have shown standards-based communications technologies previously reserved for major carrier deployments can be scaled to fit private utility networks.

Women Leaders Advancing the Future of Energy

Location: Virtual
Date: March 25th at 1:00 PM ET

For Women’s History Month 2021, Industry Insights will feature several trailblazing women whose work is advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Join us for the discussion where female leaders will gather to discuss grid modernization challenges facing the U.S. utility industry, and explore industry trends and mission critical innovations needed in response to an ever evolving grid.

2021 Annual Predictions and Trends for the Power Industry Roundtable with Energy Central

Location: Virtual
Date: February 17, 2021

If 2020 taught us anything, it is how difficult it can be to predict the future! Looking back at the Energy Central’s 2020 Special Issue Series we certainly didn’t see anyone sharing predictions on an evolving remote work environment, utility shutoff moratoriums, and digital experiences replacing in-person visits to customers. That said, thought leaders and experts in the industry did share plenty that came to fruition: from customer-driven technologies to decarbonization of the grid to digital technologies taking a leap forward and more.

A Drone’s View of the NYPA Private LTE Field Trial

Location: Virtual
Date: February 16, 2021 11:00 am EST

Please join us for an overview of the New York Power Authority (NYPA) Private LTE field trial that was completed December 2020. NYPA’s digital vision, trial objectives, trial solution configuration, test criteria and test results will be discussed. Overall system performance and for 3 use cases: drones, digital utility worker and VoLTE will be highlighted along with lessons learned. A panel comprised of members of NYPA, NYSTEC, along with trial spectrum and equipment partners will discuss answers to audience questions. Learn about this important building block to realize NYPA’s vision to become a fully digital utility.

Anterix’s COO, Ryan Gerbrandt, will be on the panel with NYPA, NYSTEC, Nokia and Omega Wireless.

NARUC Winter Policy Summit

Location: Virtual
Date: February 4-5 and 8-11, 2021

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ Winter Policy Summit will virtually gather an array of speakers from federal agencies, industry, advocacy organizations, and more. The committee meetings and general sessions will provide the latest policy updates related to utility regulation.

Anterix’s Vice President of Energy Markets & Innovation, Andrew Bordine, was interviewed by NARUC Director of Communications, Regina L. Davis, during the Association’s Winter Policy Summit.

DistribuTECH Plus Webinar: Collective Adoption of Private LTE Networks

Location: Virtual
Date: January 20th, 2021 11:30am ET

Join Anterix COO Ryan Gerbrandt and Guidehouse Director of Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure Macky McCleary for a Q&A about how forward-thinking utilities that have invested in private LTE can create a Grid Communications Network Effect by working collectively. Utilities would multiply capabilities and maximize value through economies of scale and scope and enhance data analysis, cybersecurity monitoring, professional support and more while providing greater situational awareness across regions and even the nation.

DistribuTECH Plus Series

Location: Virtual
Date: January 20-21, 2021

The DISTRIBUTECH+ free monthly series offers a variety of opportunities to meet the needs of power industry professionals. We will be participating in the January session. The theme for this session is “Grid Modernization and Energy Storage”.

Anterix will be presenting in the webinar titled “Collective Adoption of Private LTE Networks” at 11:30am ET on January 20th. This session will feature Anterix’s COO, Ryan Gerbrandt, and Guidehouse’s Director of Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure, Macky McCleary.


Location: Virtual
Date: December 7-10, 2020

Architecting a Resilient Transactive Grid. This year’s seven topics are: System Design and Architecture; Drivers of Change; Business Models and Value Realization; Visions for Participation; Regulation and Policy; Resilience; System Implementation Strategies and Examples. Anterix’s Andrew Bordine was a moderator with Leonard Tillman in the breakout session “Business Models and Value Realization Workshop” on December 9th at 10am. Registrants can watch session recordings for a month after the conferences end.

When Utility and Telecom Visionaries Talk Tomorrow’s Grid

Location: Virtual
Date: December 10, 2020

Listen to three critical infrastructure experts explore how to architect a reliable, secure, and resilient Power Grid, while addressing sustainability and affordability in today’s climate.

Virtual Press Briefing: The Impact of 5G Networks on Electric Utilities

Location: Virtual
Date: December 11, 2020

Smart meters, dispersed generation, variable generation require real-time data streams in order to make the split-second adjustments on the grid. The virtual briefing was moderated by syndicated columnist and broadcaster Llewellyn King and Sheila Hollis, USEA Acting Executive Director, gave the opening remarks. Guest speakers included Morgan O’Brien, Executive Chairman of Anterix, Gil Quiniones, President & CEO of NYPA, and Andres Carvallo, CEO of CMG Consulting LLG.

The Network Effect of Grid Communications

Location: Virtual
Date: December 9

Join Guidehouse Analyst Richelle Elberg, author of Private LTE Networks Position Utilities for Industry Transformation, Alan McIntyre of Southern Company, Chris Guttman-McCabe, Chief Regulatory and Communications Officer of Anterix, and moderator Kevin Malloy, Vice President of Customer Solutions and Strategic Development of Anterix, to hear more from them about the concept of a future grid communications network effect.

GridCONNEXT Virtual 2020

Location: Virtual
Date: December 8-10

gridCONNEXT convened world-class experts to explore and unleash market innovations enabling the transition to a modern 21st century grid. Anterix’s President and CEO, Robert Schwartz, is featured in the breakout session “Collective Movement on Private Broadband and Grid Modernization” on December 9.

GuideHouse Webinar: New Networking Strategies and Solutions for the Utility of the Future

Location: Virtual
Date: December 1, 2020

Roundtable discussion with co-Moderator’s Richelle Elberg and Eric Woods featuring Mar Tarres (Anterix), Jay Wey (Ubiik), Charlie Noble (Ubicquia), and John Kish (Verizon).

Building Momentum for the 900 PLTE Ecosystem

Location: Virtual
Date: November 18, 2020

Join Anterix, Motorola, Qualcomm, Sierra Wireless, and Telit as they present their plans and roadmap to grow a vibrant of ecosystem of commercially ready available 900 MHz devices.

UTC Region 5 & 10

Location: Virtual
Date: November 17-19, 2020

The joint UTC Region 5 and MIC/MUG annual regional event will provide timely industry education on a variety of relevant industry topics, a virtual exhibitor gallery, and peer-to-peer virtual networking opportunities. Anterix presented on The Network Effect of Grid Communications at this conference and our video is available to replay.

EEI Financial Conference

Location: Virtual
Date: November 9-11, 2020

This meeting features general session presentations, break-out visits with companies, live-webcast formal company presentations, exhibit booth hall and networking sessions. Drop by Anterix’s virtual booth at EEI Financial Conference, available until December 11th.

NARUC Annual Meeting & Education Conference

Location: Virtual
Date: November 5-11, 2020

NARUC holds three membership-wide meetings each year, where members gather to set policy, share best practices, and discuss crucial industry issues. Anterix has presented a video at this conference.

Industry Insights Episode 5

Visioneering the Private Networked Grid of the Future Part II

Location: Virtual
Date: October 22, 2020

Creating a smart connected grid of the future is imperative as utilities try to keep up with the demands of an increasingly sophisticated customer in a world of new technologies. In an Energy Central Special Issue, industry experts from utilities, manufacturing and other sectors share their visions for how 900 MHz licensed spectrum could support the grid of the future and the intersection of smart communications and smart grids.

Fierce Wireless Presents CBRS Week

Location: Virtual
Date: October 20, 2020

Fierce Wireless presents a series of free on-demand webinars. Anterix’s President and CEO, Rob Schwartz, is featured speaking on private wireless networks using CBRS for energy in the October 20th session. The recordings of these sessions are available to replay on demand.

EWA Wireless Leadership Summit

Location: Virtual
Date: October 13-15, 2020

EWA is looking into the future of wireless through 6G, CBRS, 900MhZ, and cybersecurity. Chris Guttman-McCabe speaks on the panel “Future of Wireless: What’s Next for Your Customers and Your Business”. Ryan Gerbrandt is on the panel “900 MHz Broadband Opportunities”.

UTC Region 6

Location: Virtual
Date: October 13-15, 2020

UTC Region 6 gathers utility professionals and value technology partners to collaborate on important issues such as technology, market trends, business strategies, and industry solutions. Anterix’s Rich Creegan presented on “Unlicensed Operations in the 6 GHz Band – Recommendations for Incumbents” which is available to replay.

Grid Forward

Location: Virtual
Date: October 8-15, 2020

GridFWD 2020 brings together leading insights from a wide range of stakeholders to address the biggest challenges and opportunities for grid modernization in our region. Alice Moy-Gonzalez was a speaker in “Technology as a Platform to Build Resilience” and Mike Brozek was featured in a virtual social event centered around “Dedicated Spectrum for the Grid”.

Visioneering the Private Networked Grid of the Future

Location: Virtual
Date: September 17, 2020

With 900 MHz spectrum for private LTE wireless broadband networks now approved for use, and auctioning of the shared CBRS spectrum, the nation’s electric utilities have an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate and advance their grid modernization and resiliency programs. Listen to industry experts discuss “visioneering” the intersection of smart communications and smart grids and the benefits that will flow from the integration of the two.

Digital 360 Webinar

Location: Virtual
Date: August 18-27, 2020

Digital 360 Summit is the premier event for senior executives driving industry digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization. Anterix’s Mar Tarres was featured on the Smart Networks Panel.

Energy Central Webinar: Harness the Power of Private LTE Networks for Utilities

Location: Virtual
Date: August 18, 2020

Anterix’s Mike Brozek is featuring in this Energy Central webinar on future trends for private LTE networks and why utilities need to advance their communication technologies.

Private LTE For Electric Utilities Round Table – from CBRS to 900 MHz

Location: Virtual
Date: August 4, 2020

Private wireless broadband has been a critical unmet need for electric utilities for years. With the upcoming CBRS auction and FCC Ruling on 900 MHz, spectrum will be available for utilities to build private LTE networks and expand their broadband to the edge of the grid. Hear industry experts share their perspectives on how utilities can navigate these uncharted waters.

The grid of the future requires resilient, high performing, and cyber secure technology

Location: Virtual
Date: June 23, 2020

Utilities have been forced adapt to a new operating model created by social distancing. We know yesterday’s grid won’t meet the dynamic challenges of today or into the future. Join us as we look deeper into these operational challenges that utilities face in light of all these events, explore industry trends, and identify mission critical innovations needed.

Electric grid modernization with 900 MHz Private LTE is now a reality

Location: Virtual
Date: May 28, 2020

In this inaugural chapter of the Industry Insights series, watch industry experts discuss how the FCC’s decision to make 900 MHz spectrum available for private broadband networks will revolutionize grid modernization and unlock cyber security and reliability benefits for utility companies.

Speaking Engagements

Anterix is happy to share our perspective in industry panels, tradeshows, webinars, and other events.