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Infrastructure Panel – Private LTE for Utilities – Investigating Secure Broadband Networks

Industry Insights Roundtable (Episode 9)

As utilities work to deploy the next-generation of industrial-strength wireless connectivity based on LTE and 5G technologies, they will need to create private, secure, reliable, and resilient networks to support their grid modernization plans. Such transformation requires openness to new approaches, technologies and platforms supported by an ecosystem of vendors and products focused on utilities’ particular goals and challenges.

Ericsson, Motorola Solutions and Nokia have shown standards-based communications technologies previously reserved for major carrier deployments can be scaled to fit private utility networks.

You can still watch the discussion from May 11th to hear from their experts about how the LTE/5G ecosystem can help utilities use technologies developed for commercial networks to obtain the control and flexibility commercial offerings cannot provide.

Hosted by:
Pete Tseronis, Founder of Dots and Bridges and former DoE CTO

Featuring a Distinguished Panel of Industry Experts:

  • Motorola – Kreg Christoff, MSSSI VP and Director at Motorola Solutions
  • Ericsson – Koustuv Ghoshal, Vice President & Head of Utilities
  • Nokia – Kenneth Rabedeau, Head of Energy Segment-North America and Bell Labs-Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

Mentioned during the session was the launch of the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program. This program is bringing leading technology companies together that are supporting 900 MHz Private LTE (PLTE) networks and shaping the future of private wireless broadband. Members enjoy technical assistance, collaborative tools and marketing support to develop products and services for 900 MHz PLTE networks enabling utilities and the critical infrastructure sector.

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