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Industry Insights is an Anterix-supported webinar series with Utility, Communications and Energy industry experts discussing the future of the utility industry and how new technologies will affect it.

Most Recent Episode

Visioneering the Future Grid

Visioneering the Private Networked Grid of the Future: The panel will discuss how they see private LTE shaping the future of utilities. With 900 MHz spectrum for private LTE wireless broadband networks now approved for use, and the auctioning of the shared CBRS spectrum has begun, the nation’s electric utilities have an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate and advance their grid modernization and resiliency programs.

We’d like you to join us, September 17th at 1:00 PM ET as industry experts discuss how they would “visioneer” the intersection of smart communications and smart grids, as well as all the benefits that will flow from the integration of the two.

Hosted by Pete Tseronis, Dots & Bridges and former DoE CTO with a distinguished panel of industry experts and practitioners:

  1. Ahmad Faruqui/Brattle Consulting
  2. Rick Schmidt/Black & Veatch
  3. Andy Bordine/Anterix
  4. Scott Schoepel/Motorola
Pete Tseronis

About Our Host

A former DoE CTO and the founder of Dots & Bridges, Pete Tseronis maintains a passion for collaborating with government, industry, investor, and academic ecosystems to unearth and stimulate transformative innovation while increasing private-sector commercialization. As the host of Industry Insights, Pete digs into our guests’ expertise and experience getting to know what people are really thinking about the next generation of grid modernization.

What the industry is saying

"What you want to do is build a platform for the future that can evolve and change with the standards... And I truly believe that’s the direction we’re going."

— John Hughes | Ameren (Episode 1)

"We have to make sure that we are managing the entire latency profile from application to database to decision-making to communications and likely communications is the best place to focus."

— Matt Bult | Evergy (Episode 2)

"The utility’s paradigm [is] completely changing from being the sole provider of a service or product to being a broker. And you cannot be a broker if you do not to have data. Right now, the data is the actual most important asset in the utilities’ hands."

— Mauricio Subieta | Nokia (Episode 3)

Industry Insights Library

View past episodes to hear leaders discuss the future of the grid, industry trends and challenges and what is needed to move reliability and grid modernization to the next generation.

Industry Insights Roundtable (Episode 3)

Private LTE For Electric Utilities Round Table - from CBRS to 900 MHz.

August 10, 2020

Private wireless broadband has been a critical unmet need for electric utilities in the last decade. With the upcoming CBRS auction and the FCC Ruling on 900 MHz in May, spectrum is now available for utilities to build their private LTE networks and expand their broadband to the edge of the grid in support of utility modernization efforts.

Hear industry experts share their perspectives and help utilities navigate through these uncharted broadband spectrum waters.

Industry Insights Roundtable (Episode 2)

The grid of the future requires resilient, high performing, and cyber secure technology.

June 23, 2020

Current events have demonstrated once again the essential role of the electric grid in society.

Utilities had to adapt to a new operating model forced by social distancing. It feels like the world has been turned upside down. We know yesterday’s grid won’t meet the dynamic challenges of now or into the future. Join us as we look deeper into these operational challenges that utilities face in light of all these events, explore industry trends, and identify mission critical innovations needed.

Industry Insights Roundtable (Episode 1)

Electric grid modernization with 900 MHz Private LTE is now a reality.

May 28, 2020

This inaugural chapter of the Industry Insights series will explore how the FCC, by making 900 MHz spectrum available for private broadband networks, will fortify the next generation of grid modernization, unlocking benefits in cyber security, reliability and advanced technology.

Watch this webinar to learn about key details of the 900 MHz broadband initiatives and how important this is for the industry.