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Full Speed Ahead for Grid Modernization: When Industry Priorities and Government Funding Align

We explore the dynamics between utility industry priorities and government funding.

GridWise Alliance CEO Dr. Karen Wayland and West Monroe Senior Manager, Energy & Utilities Calvin Tong join a discussion with Anterix Chief Regulatory and Communications Officer Chris Guttman-McCabe.

When industry and government row in the same direction, the ship can really move. Today, utilities are not only embracing the modernization of their grids, they are accelerating the transformation utilizing grid-enhancing technologies like private LTE to support reliability and resilience. This acceleration is further propelled by the federal funding available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnership (GRIP) program, now in its second installment.

This funding opportunity is a catalyst for progress, emphasizing projects geared towards enhancing electric transmission. The GRIP program prioritizes a faster build-out of energy projects, fostering comprehensive solutions that intricately link grid communications systems and operations. Such initiatives contribute significantly to increased resilience and the reduction of power outages and threats.

At the heart of this transformative opportunity is the deployment of advanced technologies, including distributed energy resources and battery systems. These technologies play a crucial role in providing essential grid services, ensuring that communities across the United States have access to affordable, reliable, and clean electricity. 

This insightful discussion analyzes the potential benefits of federal funding on utilities’ grid modernization efforts and sheds light on how your company can strategically position itself to benefit from this pivotal moment in the industry.

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