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    FCC enables broadband deployment in 900 MHz band

Thanks to the FCC, broadband deployment has now been enabled in 900 MHz band. The critical infrastructure industry has been empowered to take an evolutionary step towards enabling the fortification and modernization of the grid through secure and resilient private wireless broadband communications.

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Anterix Virtual Roundtable

Industry Insights #3: Private LTE for Electric Utilities - A new reality with a spectrum of possibilities from CBRS to 900 MHz.

1-Hour Live Roundtable

Host: Pete Tseronis, Dots & Bridges

Richelle Elberg, Guidehouse Insights
Mauricio Subieta, Nokia
Michael Aarons, Federated Wireless

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UBBA Webinar

Technology Opportunities and Impacts of the Transitioning the 900 MHz Band to Enable Broadband Deployment

45-Minute Webinar

Host: Bobbi Harris, UBBA

Lance Johnson, Anterix
Patrik Ringqvist, Ericsson
Mauricio Subieta, Nokia
Scott Schoepel, Motorola
Warren Westrup, Sierra Wireless

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Anterix Virtual Roundtable

Industry Insights #2: The Grid of the Future Requires High Performing, Resilient, and Cyber Secure Technology.

45-Minute Roundtable

Host: Pete Tseronis, Dot & Bridges

Mike Brozek, Anterix
Matt Bult, Evergy

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UBBA Roundtable

Opportunities and Impacts of the FCC Decision to Transition the 900 MHz Band on Utilities to Enable Broadband Deployment

45-Minute Webinar

Host: Bobbi Harris, UBBA

Ali Mohammed, NYPA
John Hughes, Ameren
Alan McIntyre, Southern Linc
Gary Johnson, Evergy
Allen Tharp, Xcel Energy

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Anterix Virtual Roundtable

Industry Insights #1: Electric Grid Modernization with 900 MHz Private LTE is Now a Reality.

45-Minute Roundtable

Host: Pete Tseronis, Dots & Bridges

Ryan Gerbrandt, Anterix
John Hughes, Ameren
James McCarthy, Nist
Matt Olson, Burns & McDonnell

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NCAC-USAEE Virtual Interview

Private broadband spectrum and what it means for critical utility infrastructure
5/21/2020 10am EST

60-Minute Live Webinar

Host: NCAC- USAEE – David Givens​

Guest:​ Anterix – Morgan O’Brien

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Denton’s Webinar

Spectrum For The Utility Industry - BREAKING NEWS!
5/20/2020 12pm-1:30pm EST

1-Hour Live Webinar

Host: Clint Vince

Rob Schwartz, Anterix President
Tami Barron, Southern Linc CEO
Richelle Elberg, Guidehouse Principal Researcher

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Public Utilities Fortnightly Extra Edition

FCC Allows Utilities Private LTE Broadband

20-Page Digital Publication

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What the industry is saying

"Southern Linc welcomes the Chairman's and Commissioners’ support of the 900 MHz Report and Order that will create a broadband opportunity for utilities and others providing critical services to the American public. Southern Linc has firsthand knowledge of the tremendous benefits LTE technology can bring to this sector of the economy; LTE can support grid modernization, the integration of renewable energy sources, enhanced cybersecurity, and other innovations. Expanding the private LTE ecosystem will lead to reduced equipment costs and a growing portfolio of technology choices for this essential segment of America's infrastructure."

— Michael Rosenthal, Director of Legal and External Affairs, Southern Linc

“EWA is pleased with the FCC’s adoption of the 900 MHz Report and Order today.  The long-awaited realignment of the 900 MHz band is a positive initiative as it supports the critical needs of business, industry, and critical infrastructure entities by permitting private broadband for secure and reliable internal communications.”   

— Robin Cohen, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

“Ameren could not be more pleased that the Chairman and the other Commissioners have paved the way for this company to deploy a smarter, stronger and more secure communications network with far greater bandwidth. We thank the FCC for all its hard work in crafting a decision that will support a future where broadband plays a key role in the control and management of our network, thereby allowing us to provide enhanced service to our customers."

— John Hughes, Director of Network Engineering for Ameren

A unique opportunity to strengthen our national electric grid

With private 900 MHz wireless broadband available, electric utilities have the unique opportunity to unite and take advantage of the many benefits it offers. Anterix provides the spectrum and the expertise necessary to develop the solutions that will accelerate the deployment and value realization of private LTE.

Learn more about the FCC ruling and what it means to your business.