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    The Network Effect of Grid Communications

A collective of private LTE networks is foundational to the power grid of the future

Collectively embracing private LTE networks as the communication platform for a connected, digital and intelligent grid will lead to a broader range of benefits both for utilities and their customers.

Forward-thinking utilities are investing in private LTE networks as key infrastructure for their grid modernization efforts. Envision now interconnecting these networks regionally or nationwide to multiply and extend existing capabilities and enable new ones.

As highlighted in Guidehouse’s concept paper “Private LTE Networks Position Utilities for Industry Transformation”, utilities that participate in a collective network effect can maximize the value of opportunities brought forth through compatible communications.

By acting together to promote standardization of private LTE networks, utilities will reap the significant benefits provided through the convergence of robust and future-proof networking technology.

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Ready to create the network effect that powers the grid of the future?