Anterix Active Ecosystem Program

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Building the Foundation for a New Technology Landscape with 900 MHz Private LTE networks

We are bringing leading technology companies together that are supporting 900 MHz Private LTE (PLTE) networks and shaping the future of private wireless broadband. Members enjoy technical assistance, collaborative tools and marketing support to develop products and services for 900 MHz PLTE networks enabling utilities and the critical infrastructure sector.

Anterix Active Ecosystem Member Companies at DISTRIBUTECH 2022

Anterix demonstrated a wide range of exciting technologies on a Private LTE 900 MHz network at DISTRIBUTECH International 2022. Some of those demonstrated were Alpha Wireless, BEC Technologies, Inc., Cobham Wireless, Council Rock, Digi International Inc., EASYMETERING LLC, GE Grid Solutions Learning & Development, and LineVision.

Anterix is bringing together these and other thoughtful innovators to enable the future grid. That grid is informed by communications and data-informed decision making. Anterix is where utility meets connectivity, and these technologies are leveraging that connectivity to strengthen the grid and the communities we all serve.

We celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the Anterix Active Ecosystem with our inaugural Member's conference and cocktail party. 80 technology leaders have joined us on this journey so far, & we're just getting started!

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Our goal is to work with these industry leaders to create a device, service and solution ecosystem that can support and address the current and future needs of utilities and other critical infrastructure entities.

Learn From our Program Members

On the week of May 10th, we hosted 3 special episodes of our Industry Insights Webinar series paired with the launch of our Anterix Active Ecosystem Program. Each of the session recordings are available to watch below.

Infrastructure Panel – Private LTE for Utilities – Investigating Secure Broadband Networks

Location: Virtual
Date: May 11th at 1:00 PM ET

As utilities work to deploy the next-generation of industrial-strength wireless connectivity based on LTE and 5G technologies, they will need to create private, secure, reliable, and resilient networks to support their grid modernization plans. Such transformation requires openness to new approaches, technologies and platforms supported by an ecosystem of vendors and products focused on utilities’ particular goals and challenges.

Ericsson, Motorola Solutions and Nokia have shown standards-based communications technologies previously reserved for major carrier deployments can be scaled to fit private utility networks.

FCC Certified Devices Panel – Devices Supporting Utility Grid Evolution

Location: Virtual
Date: May 12th at 11:00 AM ET

As utilities modernize their infrastructure to digitalize the grid, they become increasingly reliant upon digital technologies and devices. The device ecosystem must possess the depth, sophistication, and advanced capabilities necessary to support utility requirements.

This discussion featured experts from 4RF, Telit and General Electric and their conversation addressed how devices are evolving to meet utilities’ new communications needs, and how federal device certification is an important element of that evolution.

Solution Partners Panel – The Elements That Enable Smart Grid

Location: Virtual
Date: May 13th at 1:00 PM ET

The smart grid is “smart” because it includes sensors, applications, and devices that use telecommunications, and computer intelligence to create, collect, analyze, and act upon data. The many exciting innovations coming on the market—innovations that are driving utilities’ digital transformations—depend upon these critical elements.

This session featured experts from the companies behind some of those innovations—Atomation, Hitachi, and LineVision— as they discussed the importance of these underlying elements that enable their game-changing products and services.