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    The Emerging Market Opportunity for Cat-M1 in a 3 MHz Channel for Utility Broadband Networks

A Joint Paper by Anterix and Ericsson

As utilities and smart grid vendors continue to address the challenges of grid modernization, 3GPP LTE low power wide-area (LPWA) technologies will play a key role. While NB-IoT and Cat-M1 (also referred to LTE-M or Cat-M) are both viable alternatives for today’s utility networks, Cat-M1 is becoming increasingly important due to the ability to deliver faster data rates (as compared to NB-IoT) as well as the low latency required for smart meters, distributed automation, and other grid modernization applications. Cat-M1 is widely supported in the 5 MHz ecosystem today. Demand for Cat-M1 in-band on a 3 MHz LTE channel is accelerating driven by expanding utility applications. Interviews with Anterix Active Ecosystem members (including chipset, modem, and device vendors) and a private LTE market-sizing analysis by Harbor Research both identified a strong market opportunity for Cat-M1 in private LTE networks for utilities. This paper addresses:

Low Power Wide-Area (LPWA) Technologies in Utility Broadband Networks
Market Opportunity, Adoption, and Availability
LPWA Capabilities and Use Cases
Industry Support for Cat-M1 in a 3MHz Channel for Private LTE Use Cases
The Ecosystem Supporting Cat-M1 in 3 MHz
Evaluating Cat-M1 for IoT Solutions
Performance and Deployment Considerations for Cat-M1 in 3 MHz Channel

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