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    The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Impact On Private Wireless Broadband Networks

What Is The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL)?

Utilities are facing an ever-increasing range of challenges, including wildfires, cyber security threats, and meeting decarbonization goals. New federal funding opportunities can be an essential tool for these energy companies to support the evolution and modernization of our Nation’s electric grid. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) represents a substantial investment in the future and provides a pathway to a cleaner, more reliable, resilient, and more secure energy future.

The BIL allows eligible entities including electric grid operators, distribution providers, and transmission owners or operators, the opportunity to either be a direct grant applicant, or apply for sub-awarded funds. The law specifically targets investments in resiliency, flexibility, and security of the electric grid including the development of private wireless broadband and middle mile infrastructure. By investing in private LTE communications networks, energy companies will be able to better serve their customers by transforming the grid with technologies that improve system security, resiliency, and reliability. Some examples of these transformational investments include:

Wildfire prevention systems and fire-resistant technologies
Distribution and transmission system monitoring and control technologies
Adaptive protection technologies
Distributed Energy Resource (DER) aggregation and integration of EVs and utility scale renewables
Enhanced visibility of the electric power system to grid operators through smart grid functions

Anterix is working with leading utilities across the country to help strengthen the nation's grid by providing the foundation for secure, private wireless broadband networks. These networks are critical to support the new applications that energy providers must implement to enable the integrated energy reality necessitated by the clean energy transition. Anterix provides the tools, expertise and solutions needed to build the grid of the future.


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