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The grid of the future requires resilient, high performing, and cyber secure technology

Industry Insights Roundtable (Episode 2)

Grid modernization requires secure and resilient technology. What are utilities doing about it?

Current events have demonstrated once again the essential role of the electric grid in society. In the last 3 months, we’ve seen how the grid must transform to provide essential services where it is needed most – supporting healthcare sector – while electricity load shifted dramatically away from commercial and industrial to residential.

And, utilities had to adapt to a new operating model forced by social distancing. It feels like the world has been turned upside down. We are left wondering “what’s next?”. We know yesterday’s grid won’t meet the dynamic challenges of now or into the future. Let’s look deeper into these operational challenges that utilities face in light of all these events, explore industry trends, and identify mission critical innovations needed.

  • What are the main operational challenges that utilities are facing?
  • What technologies are being deployed to close those gaps?
  • What are the capabilities that are needed most?
  • What types of partnerships are required to succeed?
  • What mission critical innovations are needed within the utility industry?
  • Where role does automation and autonomy play in future grid operations?
  • Where does the innovation needs to reside in the energy value chain?
  • What could the industry be doing more or different to quickly address today’s challenges?

Hosted by:
Pete Tseronis, Founder of Dots and Bridges and former DoE CTO

Featuring a Distinguished of Industry Experts:

  • Mike Brozek, Anterix
  • Matt Bult, Evergy

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