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Private LTE For Electric Utilities Round Table – from CBRS to 900 MHz

Industry Insights Roundtable (Episode 3)

Private wireless broadband has been a critical unmet need for electric utilities in the last decade. With the upcoming CBRS auction and the FCC Ruling on 900 MHz in May, spectrum is now available for utilities to build their private LTE networks and expand their broadband to the edge of the grid in support of utility modernization efforts.

Hear industry experts share their perspectives and help utilities navigate through these uncharted broadband spectrum waters.

Hosted by:
Pete Tseronis, Founder of Dots and Bridges and former DoE CTO

Featuring a Distinguished Panel of Industry Experts:

  • Michael Aarons, Federated Wireless
  • Richelle Elberg, Guidehouse Insights
  • Mauricio Subieta, Nokia

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