February 7-9, 2023
San Diego Convention Center

Anterix is advancing grid modernization through the power of 900 MHz private LTE. That means tools, solutions, and technology all on a platform ready to power the grid of the future. At DISTRIBUTECH 2023, Anterix had several critical use cases on display leveraging this game changing technology, which is ready to use NOW.

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The Anterix Active Ecosystem and its members are ready to enable grid modernization, NOW. At DISTRIBUTECH 2023, we demonstrated a range of utility solutions through the transformative power of private wireless broadband networks.
Learn more about the demonstrations and member companies that were featured inside the Anterix booth.

The Second Annual Anterix Active Ecosystem Member’s Conference

Anterix gathered the members of the Anterix Active Ecosystem at the Hard Rock to share insights, collaborate on strategies, and identify new ways the ecosystem can work together.

Check out Chris Guttman-McCabe, Chief Regulatory and Communications Officer at Anterix, sharing key takeaways from the conference:


Women Leading
Utilities Event

Anterix, Public Utilities Fortnightly, and DISTRIBUTECH co-hosted an event dedicated to celebrating the women leaders in the utility industry. Attendees enjoyed collaborating on solutions and networking opportunities on a nice evening at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Women Leading
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    Anterix at DISTRIBUTECH

Navigating Private LTE Device Ecosystems for MCPTT, SIM Management and loT

February 7th, 2:10 PM - 2:40 pm, 29C, Upper Level

Gautam Talagery (Ericsson - MANA BD CTO Team, Principal Solution Manager)

Steve Ryan (Anterix, Vice President Ecosystem and Partners)
Jennie Bratten (Ericsson, Director of Utilities Sales)
Daniel Robertson (Landis+Gyr, Sr. Director Global Technology and Innovation]

The Importance of Spectrum Selection for Field Area Network Deployments

February 7th, 2:45 - 3:50 pm, 29C, Upper Level

Alice Moy-Gonzalez (Anterix, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development]
Kathy Nelson (West Monroe, Senior Principal)
Kathy Shaft (Great River Energy, Manager, IT Telecommunications Engineering)

Anterix Booth Cocktail Party

February 7th, 4:30 - 6:00 pm, Booth 1401

Wendall Reimer (Xcel Energy) on Xcel's Journey to 900 MHz Private LTE

Why Private Wireless Networks Are Gaining Momentum [Accenture's Track)

February 8th, 2:40 -3:10 pm, 29€, Upper Level

Ryan Gerbrandt (Anterix, Chief Operating Officer)
Hugo Van Nispen (Accenture, Managing Director)
Edward Wood (Accenture, Cloud First Networks Growth & Strategy Lead)

See Some of Our Members at DTECH!

Anterix Catalyx

CatalyX™ is the first Anterix Active Ecosystem Platform commercial solution designed to accelerate utility adoption of 900 MHz private LTE networks. CatalyX simplifies connectivity management by integrating state-of-the-art SIM technology, device SIM management, and private to public roaming to deliver the flexibility and security that utilities require.

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This newsletter features 13 articles contributed by industry experts, each providing a future vision that illustrates the significant role that Private LTE will play in supporting the grid.

Special Issue

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