Anterix DISTRIBUTECH Demonstration Overview

Anterix and Member solutions, ready to enable grid modernization.

Anterix is revolutionizing the modern grid with wireless broadband. At DISTRIBUTECH 2023, we will be demonstrating how we are enabling the modernization of critical infrastructure industries and enterprises through the transformative power of broadband. Read the below to learn more about the solutions featured in our booth.

Resilience - Mutual Aid

Anterix Platform
Inter-utility communications and mutual aid to support mission critical grid communications.
Anterix – Ericsson - StreamWIDE
900 MHz Private LTE MC-PTT for Inter-utility communications.

Resilience - Grid Solutions

Anterix Active Ecosystem member Linevision
Provides a transmission line monitoring solution that uses a lidar sensor to show a visual of the state and condition of the lines in service.​
Anterix Active Ecosystem member Atomation
Provides a power pole sensor platform that notifies if the pole and lines are down.
Anterix Active Ecosystem member PDP
The Navigator LM is a battery powered transmission line trip load tracker and fault indicator.
Anterix Active Ecosystem member Grid 2020
Provides a single or multi-phase distribution transformer monitor solution with a focus on wildfire mitigation and insights on transformer health.

Resilience – Private to Public Communications

First Anterix Platform Commercial Solution
Realizing private/public resilience with CatalyX.

Energy Management- Advanced Metering Solutions

Anterix Active Ecosystem member Itron
Itron is changing the value proposition for electric, water, and gas customers from metering and automation to intelligent edge networks.
Anterix Active Ecosystem member Easy Metering
Provides Broadband MVNO/IoT/AMI.
Anterix Active Ecosystem member Landis + Gyr
Landis+Gyr's Revelo metering family introduces a new generation of meters as IoT grid sensors, benefitting both utilities and their customers.

Energy Management- Priority Communications

900 MHz Private LTE Quality of Service
Mission critical communications with private wireless broadband​.

Cyber Security

Anterix Security Collective
Anterix and Ecosystem members development of security solutions for private wireless broadband networks.​
Anterix Platform Security with OneLayer
Network Security Dedicated to Private LTE/5G Networks.
Binary Armor and DIGI
This is a security edge base solution that helps utilities with remote access and policy enforcement.​

Clean Energy

Provides an OpenFlex Framework to assist Utilities in implementing a Grid-Edge Plug-Play solution that supports 100% of electrification goals.
Anterix NREL Presentation
A future powered by clean energy resources needs private LTE to ensure delivery of safe, economical, and resilient electricity.

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Aprisa LTE hardened and secure router

The Aprisa LTE is designed for mission and business critical applications (including public safety) that need a gateway to modern high-speed public and private LTE networks, including Anterix, CBRS, and FirstNet®. Designed to deliver reliable and secure field area networks for infrastructure monitoring and control in electricity, water, or fossil fuel industries Aprisa LTE delivers the rugged protection needed, including IEEE 1613 and hazardous location certification. Fixed deployments or mobile on the road, the Aprisa LTE is at home with tough public safety assignments and secure field force mobile networking.

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The AW3925 -DBSE Antenna Diplexed Base Station Endpoint

The AW3925 Diplexed Base Station Endpoint (DBSE) Antennas are a multiband MIMO platform that provides stable omni-directional gain in one attractive package. The nearly circular azimuth pattern and stable gain can overcome null zones and deliver a reliable communication link no matter the frequency and direction to the tower.

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The AW3874-E-F – Flagship of the Alpha Wireless Utility Antenna Platform

The AW3874-E-F is an 8-port, dual-band sector panel with four ports operating over 896-960 MHz and four ports operating over 3300-3800 MHz. The 65° panel has a 1 meter length and provides a high gain of 12.4 and 18dBi for 900 MHz and 3.5 GHz spectrums, respectively, and is designed for macro distance coverage.

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Atomation Utility Asset Monitoring Solution

Atomation creates field-tested sensors that work for utilities. Using edge computing, raw data is turned into actionable information utilities use to improve operations and optimize the bottom line. This smart, simple, and scalable solution deploys and configures quickly and inexpensively, providing new options for adding previously overlooked equipment to the IoT. Rated for rugged and outdoor use, Atoms are ideal for environments traditionally overlooked or difficult to monitor. Establish or augment preventive maintenance programs, get immediate notifications when lines or poles are damaged, and review equipment usage and performance in our easy-to-use dashboard.

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BEC MX-200 PL9 Industrial 4G LTE Router

The BEC MX-200 PL9 Advanced Industrial Router is a high-performance, industrial-grade router designed to deliver reliable and secure connectivity between devices across a broad range of M2M/IoT and industrial communication applications. The ultra-compact platform is specifically designed for limited space installations.

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M-6280A Capacitor Bank (with UE4)

Beckwith creates solutions that protect power systems around the world with field-proven smart distribution automation controls for transformers, regulators and capacitor banks.   Beckwith is also a leading provider of innovative solutions for Volt/VAr Optimization (VVO) and Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR). Hubbell Utility Solutions is a leader in utility infrastructure applications in Front of the Meter (electrical distribution, transmission, substation, and telecommunications) and at The Edge (smart meters, communications systems, and protection and control).

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Anterix Security Collective Member- providing edge based remote access and policy enforcement.

SNC’s Binary Armor® cybersecurity provides inline, endpoint protection for critical infrastructure. Binary Armor’s patented “functional whitelisting” stops internal and external threats from harming operational technology (OT), like malware and unsafe or erroneous instructions. With Binary Armor, only pre-approved, safe messages reach OT. This provides real-time cybersecurity against accidents and malicious commands while enforcing workflow to prevent disruption of operations, equipment damage, and personnel injury. Binary Armor provides better visibility and protects organizations from security attacks, creating one identity, one policy rule, and one security approach, which covers every IoT device in an organization.

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Connected Energy
Connected Energy: Offers a robust DERMS platform with full turnkey program services, including industry-leading support for utility customers with large agriculture loads.

Connected Energy offers electric utilities the comprehensive CNRG DERMS platform with supporting portals, apps, and services which collaborate across the grid, enabling utilities to dynamically manage load, generation, and storage to increase efficiency and reliability by improving financial, operational, and environmental performance.

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TELiG e1500 High Capacity Series, Multiple Services Aggregation Router

At Council Rock Enterprises, Inc. we know planning your network can be challenging due to device complexity, too few field resources, and a gap in the engineering needed for network design & integration. We design, develop, and deploy LTE edge technology so IIoT can maximize smart grid performance.

Council Rock is a US company that builds wireless and wireline intelligent edge router solutions, using AT&T, FirstNet, T-Mobile*, UScellular, Verizon, Anterix 900MHz Band 8, CBRS, Mesh AMI, MPLS, Ethernet, and more.

  • (2) Serial RS232 and RS485
  • (2) Ethernet Ports–configurable for LAN/WAN or LAN/LAN
  • 1 to 3 LTE radios with GPS, multiple SIM support
  • Optional Wi-Fi and I/O
  • Ruggedized/temp hardened -40c to +75c Metal Enclosure
  • DIN Rail mountable
  • 9-60 VDC input
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QUA4-1B1R-RB65 Multi-Band Antenna

DENGYO USA improves telecommunications through the design and development of wireless technology and components that meet the highest performance standards while providing a clean, uncluttered approach to cell site solutions.

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IX30 High-performance industrial router for hazardous environments and mission-critical applications.

Digi IX30 is an intelligent 4G LTE router designed for optimal performance and reliability across a wide range of critical infrastructure and industrial applications. This complete solution is fully integrated with software and security, providing a secure, reliable connection to industrial controllers, process automation equipment, and smart grid assets on third party sites or remote locations.

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Broadband MVNO/IoT/AMI

EASYMETERING is an IoT 4G/5G company with experience in Data Transmission and Energy Applications. EASYMETERING offers an affordable and reliable Advanced Platform Cloud-based solution for fully managing utility smart devices using LTE technology, including a sophisticated AMI 2.0, and EASYMETERING's dual SIM technology for effortless migration from Public to Private Network. This AMI solution enables the acceleration of broadband technology adoption--so essential in this current Grid Transformation age.

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GE MDS Orbit Multi-Communication Cellular Router

The MDS™ Orbit industrial wireless platform offers the security, reliability, performance, and wireless flexibility required for next-generation industrial networks. Orbit enables customers to deploy advanced communications using diverse options of wireless technologies and frequencies. Orbit allows for communication over licensed spectrum, unlicensed spectrum, cellular and Wi-Fi in various form factors with single or dual radio options.

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OptaNODE DTM Single-phase Distribution Transformer Monitor

Grid20/20 OptaNODE DTM - The single phase Distribution Transformer Monitor consists of accurate and patented sensing, metrology and communications components, combined into a compact and lightweight self-contained device.

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The GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY (GFS) sensor module adds fire and wildfire prevention and detection capabilities to the OptaNODE DTM

Grid20/20 GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY (GFS) sensor module adds fire and wildfire prevention and detection capabilities to the OptaNODE DTM. The GFS cam detect temperature, humidity, Flames, and Smoke.

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Hitachi Energy
Hitachi Energy TRO610- Cellular Router

Hitachi Energy's TRO610 is a cellular router provides state-of-the-art communications and cybersecurity especially designed for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) use cases in utility, smart city, oil & gas, manufacturing, mining operations, and renewables.

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Hitachi Energy
TRO620 Cellular and 802.11 Mesh Router

Hitachi Energy's TRO620 TRO620 Cellular and 802.11 Mesh Router. The TRO620 DIN-rail mounted cellular router provides a reliable and secure connection over public and private cellular infrastructures. This advanced communications platform combines cellular communication technology with Hitachi Energy's patented Broadband Mesh functionality with an Edge Compute capability for field area networks and distribution automation.

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Realtime Grid Status from Honeywell A4 on P-LTE

The Honeywell LTE (4G) Cat M1 wireless WAN interface card (W-WIC) and antenna are installed under the cover of Honeywell’s A4 ALPHA meter. Utilities can communicate directly to the meter over private cellular networks using standardized head-end systems without requiring intermediate devices to relay the transmission.

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Hubbell Power Systems support communication systems, network management, and engineering services.

Hubbell Utility Solutions is a leader in utility infrastructure applications in Front of the Meter (electrical distribution, transmission, substation, and telecommunications) and at The Edge (smart meters, communications systems, and protection and control).

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Itron Cellular 500G Gas Module

Itron’s Cellular 500G Gas Module introduces a transformational cellular IoT solution for the Gas Utility market, extending advanced metering, automation, and intelligence at the edge of the network. The Cellular 500G Module is an open standards-based IPV4 gas module featuring next generation LTE-M cellular technology and radio frequency (RF) capability.  The modules operate on Itron’s multi-transport IoT network and feature full two-way capabilities enabling over-the air reading, management, firmware, and configuration updates; all while offering the highest reliability, accuracy, battery life, security, and safety.

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Itron Cellular 500W Water Module

The Itron Cellular 500W Module brings next generation IoT connectivity and Advanced Metering to Water Utilities. The modules are open standards based IPv4 endpoints designed to operate on Itron’s multi-transport IoT Network solution. Featuring a compact design, cellular and RF capability, industry-leading battery life, and full two-way communications, the cellular 500W modules support over-the-air reading, management, alerts/alarms, configuration, and firmware updates. These features enable future proof capabilities as customers' business needs change, streamline operations, and maximize revenue.

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Itron OpenWay CENTRON LTE- M electric meter

With the launch of the OpenWay CENTRON LTE- M meter, Itron’s cellular smart meter platform is now available with the latest generation and 5G ready cellular network technology, LTE-M. The meter is designed to operate on Itron’s OpenWay Network solution and Tier-1 cellular networks delivering a robust, reliable, and secure two-way communication pathway —connecting the meter directly to the OpenWay Collection head ends. The LTE-M meter features solid-state, single-phase residential and polyphase commercial electricity meter platforms that provide utilities unparalleled digital accuracy, reliability, serviceability, and cost-effectiveness.

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Grid Action Platform™- enables the converged operation of DER assets of multiple different types on a single platform.

Kitu Systems’ mission is to deliver a new generation of interconnection of solar PV, battery storage, electric vehicles, and other Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). By enabling communications and coordination of these assets, our Grid Action PlatformTM provides the foundation for new energy networks that are intelligent, resilient, adaptive, efficient, scalable, and secure.

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Demonstrating Landis+Gyr Meter and HES on Anterix Band 8

Landis+Gyr’s LTE-M cellular meters are feature-rich and arrive preconfigured to provision onto a utility’s private Anterix network.  Endpoints self-register to Landis+Gyr’s head-end software and all communication is protected by end-to-end application layer security.

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Accelerating the Net Zero Grid

LineVision is a grid enhancing technology company working with leading electric utilities around the world, including National Grid, Xcel, and Dominion, to solve some of the biggest challenges the transmission grid is facing. We provide the real-time monitoring, alerting, and analytical tools needed to increase grid capacity, improve the resilience of the grid, and ensure safety by providing insights into asset health.

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Anterix Security Collective Member- Cyber Threat Intelligence

Mandiant is on a mission to make every organization secure from cyber threats and confident in their readiness. The Mandiant Advantage platform gives security teams an early knowledge advantage via the Mandiant Intel Grid, which provides platform modules with current and relevant threat data and analysis expertise.

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MultiConnect Cell MTC-LG42D-B01

The MultiConnect® Cell (MTC-L4G2D serial and USB models) cellular modem is a compact communications platform that provides cellular capabilities for fixed and mobile applications. It is intended for use in settings demanding reliable performance under rugged conditions. The MultiConnect Cell supports low power and long range communications, offering remote monitoring solar micro-inverters, power generators, tanks, pipelines, meters, pumps and valves in any energy, utility, or industrial application.

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Dragonfly MTQ-L1G2D-B02 and MTQ-MNG6-B02

The MultiTech Dragonfly™ (MTQ-L1G2D-B02 CAT 1 and MTQ-MNG6-B02 CAT M1 ) IoT cellular embedded modems are fully certified and MNO approved, ready-to-integrate modules that now offer support for Anterix 900 MHz Design and is simplified using either the 40-pin board-to-board connector or the industry standard micro USB connector. These quick-to-market communications devices allow developers to add wireless communication to products with a minimum of development time and expense.

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Anterix Security Collective Member- Zero Trust Security

The Onclave TrustedPlatform™ is a network-based, enterprise security solution designed to protect all OT/IoT systems and devices based on Zero Trust principles. The Onclave TrustedPlatform™ creates cryptographically secure private networks (microsegments) that isolate, contain, and optimize management of OT/IoT assets. These microsegments are continuously monitored and become invisible, undetectable, and inaccessible – allowing enterprises to securely operate from edge to core.

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Anterix Security Collective Member- Network Security Dedicated to Private LTE/5G Networks

OneLayer brings complete visibility and threat prevention to IoT and other devices connected to a private LTE & 5G network so any activity can be tracked and policies put in place to secure the environment. With OneLayer's solution, you will gain full asset management capabilities, get operational intelligence, and protect against cellular breaches through zero-trust segmentation.
OneLayer is dedicated to the private cellular networks’ security domain. It enables enterprises to treat the new cellular network as another enterprise network without the need to be cellular experts.

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Anterix Security Collective Member- Deception-Based Network Security

PacketViper provides transformative and trusted solutions for organizations seeking to modernize the cybersecurity of converging OT and IT networks without a costly ‘rip and replace’. PacketViper’s flagship Deception360 is a deception-based network detection, prevention, and response technology that automates attack prevention from both external and internal threats.

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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 40

TOUGHBOOK® 40 (on display):  The TOUGHBOOK® 40 is a fully rugged, modular laptop that brings together the reliability and ruggedness of the TOUGHBOOK brand, modernized with more innovation to deliver unparalleled power, speed, and connectivity to support the evolving needs of mobile workers in today’s digitally transformed world.  TOUGHBOOK 40 is the perfect blend of rugged strength and extreme performance, and it allows customers across utility companies to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

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Power Delivery Products
Smart Navigator 2.0 FCI for Intelligent fault detection

The benefits of Faulted Circuit Indicators include improved reliability,increased revenue, and superior customer service. You will be able to quickly measure improvements to industry indices such as CAIDI, SAIDI, MAIFI, and SAIFI.

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Anterix Security Collective Member- Data Authentication Security

Q-Net Security produces dedicated, no-update hardware that creates a barrier between defined endpoints within a new or existing network. Q-Net uses a patented hardware barrier that leverages strong, quantum-resistant encryption and True Random Number Generated symmetric keys that can change every packet or transaction to move and authenticate data securely and is drop-in ready to implement in public or private networks, with no manual key management. By operating at line rates, Q-Net can also protect endpoints from such nefarious activities as DDoS attacks.

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The Qualcomm® 216 LTE IoT Modem

The Qualcomm® 216 LTE IoT modem is a Cat 1bis IoT-optimized LTE-modem with integrated positioning support for greater connectivity, location, and compute processing capabilities both on device and at the edge. As of December 2022, Qualcomm® 216 supports Anterix US Band 8.

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Anterix Security Collective Member - Quantum Communication Security

Qubitekk commercializes Quantum Technology with a variety of products tailored to strengthen American leadership in quantum information science. As a world leader in the design and manufacture of entangled photon sources and state measurement systems, Qubitekk’s physicists and engineers have many decades of experience developing, manufacturing, and characterizing the performance of quantum devices.

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SEL-735 Power Quality and Revenue Meter

SEL’s 735 meter is used to track energy consumption and monitor power quality throughout the power grid. With the adoption of inverters in the renewable generation space and switching power supplies in consumer loads, there has been a significant increase in harmonic noise. These harmonics negatively affect neighboring loads and generation sources. The SEL-735 can be used to investigate large power oscillations not captured in traditional SCADA systems. Utilities, power producers, and electricity consumers all benefit from detecting and examining abnormal power quality conditions. The SEL-735’s multiple protocols and communication ports allow interoperability with a wide range of communication devices. Please visit the SEL booth (#1621) at DistribuTECH to learn more.

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RUGGEDCOM’s family of industrial Edge routers include the RUGGEDCOM RX1400 and the RUGGEDCOM RM1224, space-saving, small form-factor rugged devices that offer reliable, high-bandwidth WLAN or 4G LTE connectivity over short and long distances for remote networks in harsh environments.

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Sierra Wireless
AirLink® RV50X: Industrial LTE Router

The AirLink® RV50X delivers LTE broadband connectivity for critical remote fixed assets and industrial IoT infrastructure. With low power consumption, the RV50X can run on battery or solar power.

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StreamWIDE is a global critical communications software technology leader delivering Mission Critical & Business Critical secure mobile & web communication and operations solutions.

StreamWIDE is a leader in critical communication and collaboration solutions. Our solutions, Team on the Run for Business Critical ( TOTR ) & Team on Mission ( ToM ) for mission critical communications, operate on public networks, network QoS, and Private LTE. Deployed on SaaS and or on premise with MCPTT priority and preemption capabilities. TOTR and ToM are real time, flexible, and secure solutions that are designed and built with robustness to adapt to the most demanding environments. Feature rich offerings of VOIP/MCPTT include Channels, MCData, MCVideo, Geolocation, Digital Briefcase, LMR interoperability, and IoT Workflow. Our solutions have been implemented globally within many verticals, providing digital transformations for utilities, transportation, industrial sectors, and government.

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ME910C1 Series

The ME910C1 series mPCIe modules are optimized for LTE-M and NB-IoT networks and available with 2G fallback options. The ME910C1 series modules are interchangeable with other modules in the xE910 mPCIe family.

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ME910C1 mPCIe Series

The ME910C1 is the LTE UE Cat M1/NB1 evolution of the Telit LE910 series of LTE modules. Specified in the 3GPP Rel 13, Cat M1/NB1 devices are specifically tailored for IoT applications, offering optimized power consumption and enhanced coverage. This model further enriches the widely deployed Telit xE910 family of 28 x 28 mm LGA modules.

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ME910C1 mPCIe Series

The ME910C1 is the LTE UE Cat M1/NB1 evolution of the Telit LE910 series of LTE modules. Specified in the 3GPP Rel 13, Cat M1/NB1 devices are specifically tailored for IoT applications, offering optimized power consumption and enhanced coverage. This model further enriches the widely deployed Telit xE910 family of 28 x 28 mm LGA modules.

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Cinterion PLS83 IoT Module Delivering Global High-Speed LTE Cat.4

The Cinterion® PLS83-W IoT Module provides global high-speed IoT connectivity with 2G/3G fallback, with 18 Band LTE Cat.4, Eight Band 3G UMTS/WCDMA, and Quad-Band GSM for seamless coverage when roaming across different wireless networks. When a global solution is not needed, a variety of regional variants with the latest network band groupings deliver targeted connectivity for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Japan.

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Cinterion PLS63 Performance MTC Module (LTE CAT 1) Global

The Cinterion® PLS63-W offers a global approach to cost-optimized IoT connectivity, with 18 Band LTE Cat.1, Eight Band 3G HSPA/UMTS, and Quad-Band GSM for seamless coverage across multiple wireless networks. Alternatively, where a global solution is not required, a variety of regional variants with the latest network banding deliver targeted connectivity for North America, Europe and APAC, Latin America, and Japan.

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Transactive Energy Services Provides an TransactiveEnergy Framework to assist Utilities in implementing a Eco-Partner Driven Grid-Edge Plug-n-Play Solution that supports 100% Electrification Goals.

TeMix envisions an electricity future where every party, large and small, invests in and operates their electricity devices (generators, batteries, air conditioners, electric vehicles, and more) for their benefit while transacting with other parties to buy and sell electricity, where the price is known before the transaction, the seller is bound to deliver, and the buyer is bound to take and pay for the electricity that is transacted. Aided by Eco-Partners and “set and forget” device automation, this creates the Plug-n-Play Grid Edge solution that is robust and resilient.

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LTE-M/NB-IOT Base Station

goRAN integrates a full-software release 15 Radio Access Network optimized for private networks, with multi-carrier standalone NB-IoT support, as well as standalone LTE-M in 1.4MHz, 3MHz, and 5MHz  bandwidths, including VoLTE.

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