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    We had a great time at DISTRIBUTECH 2022!

    Thank you to all our ecosystem partners for helping us bring the power of 900 MHz Private LTE to the “Energy Movement.”

Anterix participated in DISTRIBUTECH International 2022 to demonstrate and discuss how we are enabling the modernization of critical infrastructure industries and enterprises through the transformative power of broadband.

The Anterix booth was buzzing with great conversations about how we’re delivering the transformative broadband needed to enable the modernization of the electric grid.

We shared demos at 8 stations in our tradeshow exhibit to display use cases that electric utilities are utilizing to enable the future grid. All of these technologies can leverage 900 MHz for Private LTE for communications.

At DistribuTECH and beyond, Anterix is where utility meets connectivity.
Anterix at DistribuTECH 2022 for Private LTE Communications for Electric Utilities
Robert Schwartz

Our Chief Executive Officer, Robert Schwartz, shared his insights about the future of the industry with DISTRIBUTECH.

Anterix Active Ecosystem

Anterix demonstrated a wide range of exciting technologies on a Private LTE 900 MHz network at DISTRIBUTECH International 2022. Some of those demonstrated were Alpha Wireless, BEC Technologies, Inc., Cobham Wireless, Council Rock, Digi International Inc., EASYMETERING LLC, GE Grid Solutions Learning & Development, and LineVision.

Anterix is bringing together these and other thoughtful innovators to enable the future grid. That grid is informed by communications and data-informed decision making. Anterix is where utility meets connectivity, and these technologies are leveraging that connectivity to strengthen the grid and the communities we all serve.

We celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the Anterix Active Ecosystem with our inaugural Member's conference and cocktail party.80 technology leaders have joined us on this journey so far, & we're just getting started!

For more information, visit the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program page.

Anterix: Active Ecosystem Member Companies

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What Was Featured In The Anterix Booth


Accelerating the Net Zero Grid

LineVision is a grid enhancing technology company working with leading electric utilities around the world to solve some of the biggest challenges the transmission grid is facing.

We provide the real-time monitoring, alerting, and analytical tools needed to increase grid capacity, improve the resilience of the grid, and ensure safety by providing insights into asset health.

Combining patented non-contact LiDAR sensors and advanced analytics, a single system continuously monitors up to six conductors, without the need for disruptive line outages or costly specialized installation equipment.

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Broadband AMI

EASYMETERING is a company skilled in data networks and cellular architecture with 15+ years of experience in the metering industry, integrating smart meters into our digital solution using 2G/3G & 4G LTE cellular networks. We have also launched our service into the private LTE using Anterix’s frequency (900Mhz-B8).

EASYMETERING has available a complete Broadband Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution including a mature and proven advanced software platform for monitoring, reading, and billing of energy. Additional features like meter management, remotely meter programming, SIM management, and more features promise to save operational hidden costs compared with other systems that currently are used in the market, making the implementation financially viable at a low cost.

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Demonstrating Landis+Gyr meter and HES on Anterix Band 8

Landis+Gyr has adapted its cellular LTE-M meter for the purpose of demonstrating connectivity on the Anterix Band 8. Distributech attendees will see live demonstrations of the speed available from a private LTE network with this feature rich FOCUS AXe meter delivering load profile and events at various, user-defined intervals. Discover how simple it is to manage cellular meters from Landis+Gyr’s head-end software, Command Center.

As members of the Utility Broadband Alliance (UBBA), Landis+Gyr has teamed up with Anterix, Nokia, Ericsson, Sierra Wireless and many other chipset and modem vendors to adapt its cellular products from use on public carriers to private networks.

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Realtime Grid Status from Honeywell A4 on P-LTE

Honeywell Alpha 4 meters with CAT M connectivity are packed with industry-leading capabilities and processing power for advanced grid applications, delivering real-time data insights and edge intelligence for today’s metering needs. Built on the same platform as the Alpha 4 Commercial and Industrial meter (A4CI), the A4Res has the capacity to grow with future smart grid applications.

Honeywell Smart Meters with LTE CAT M, which can support data rates of up to 1Mbps, enable utilities to obtain near real-time information about conditions at the edge of the Grid while simultaneously providing greater control over resources at the edge. Honeywell designs its Smart Meters with LTE CAT M connectivity to operate in a wide variety of bands, with the A4 meter operating not only on public LTE bands, but also on Private LTE band 26 with minimal modifications to the hardware.

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Atomation Utility Asset Monitoring Solution

Atomation seeks to give the approximately 85% of unconnected devices a voice. Traditional automation systems use a series of wired sensors to send information to a central computer for processing, analysis and decision making. This approach is complex and expensive requiring a detailed architecture and specialized skills. Atomation turns this model on its head through battery powered devices, called Atoms, that not only sense their environment but also make independent decisions on what they see. If something is not normal, they will immediately wirelessly communicate the information to the Atomation cloud. If things are normal, however, the Atoms stay silent, minimizing operator distraction and conserving power. This approach eliminates the need for complex architectures, wires, and specialized skills thereby radically reducing the cost and time associated with an implementation, opening the IoT to field-deployed devices as diverse as utility poles, transformers, pumps, and motors.

The Atomation Utility Asset Monitoring Solution is a versatile, end-to-end hardware and software platform designed to provide instant insight for equipment, machinery and the operating environment. Wireless, battery-operated sensors deliver threshold-based alerts when thresholds are exceeded and include sensors for temperature, impact, tilt, vibration and the presence/absence of EMF Atoms also support any 4-20 standard sensor. Improve predictive maintenance, identify outage locations and gain a fuller picture of your operating landscape with Atoms from Atomation.

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Power Delivery Products
Navigator LM Line Fault Indicator

When applied to an overhead distribution line, the Navigator LM samples load current and sets a trip point according to the daily peak load sampled on the circuit. This peak load trip response setting is stored in memory for 72 hours. If a higher peak is established within 72 hours the FCI will reset trip response to the new peak load. After 72 hours, the Navigator LM re-samples load current and sets a new trip point according to measured peak load current.

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Aprisa LTE hardened and secure router

Designed to deliver reliable and secure field area networking for infrastructure monitoring and control in electricity, water, or in fossil fuel industries Aprisa LTE delivers the rugged protection you need including IEEE 1613 and hazardous location certification.

Fixed deployments or mobile on the road, the Aprisa LTE it at home with tough public safety assignments and secure field force mobile networking.Ruggedized for protection from electromagnetic transients and hazardous environments

  • Certified to meet tough vehicle electrical and vibration standards
  • Industrial temperature range for hostile environments and extended service life
  • Multi-mode serial for unique industry protocols
  • SFP fiber interface for redundancy, backhaul, and other applications
  • Aprisa Power Control for off-grid endurance, network recovery, and resilience
  • Advanced security, including autonomous anti-tamper mechanisms
  • Gigabit LTE-Advanced, engineered for reduced latency

Aprisa LTE is secure with its independently vetted defense in depth approach, including AES encryption, strict 2FA authentication, tamper, L2 / L3 filtering, GRE, IPSec, and DMVPN over EIGRP (including mGRE, IPsec, NHRP, OSPF) support Aprisa LTE protects against vulnerabilities and malicious attacks.

Built in Wi-Fi and GNSS/GPS supports mobile work force and portable rapid deploy kits while helping maintain situational awareness. The Aprisa Power Control (APC) feature delivers ultra-low power sleep mode for vehicular and solar applications.

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GE MDS Orbit Multi-Communication Cellular Router

GE’s MDS Orbit™ 4G LTE router is Anterix Active™ and available for use on Anterix 900 MHz private LTE spectrum (39 MHz duplex). Orbit was the first device to receive FCC certification (ID: E5MDS-4GY) to operate on Anterix 900MHz, delivering the security and reliability needed by critical infrastructure for the energy, transportation, logistics and other sectors of the economy.

GE’s LTE cellular connectivity solutions are based on private, public or hybrid LTE technology. Dual SIM and dual radio uplinks help minimize network downtime with capabilities such as signal quality based smart auto failover. In addition to Anterix or CBRS private LTE, the MDS Orbit router can be configured to support existing licensed, unlicensed, or public carrier cellular (such as AT&T or Verizon), with powerful routing and QoS capability to send data over the appropriate link while providing auto failover in the event of a network outage. The MDS Orbit is available in three different form factors including a IP67 rated waterproof outdoor version for harsh environments. The MDS Orbit platform offers industry leading cyber security and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) compliance to protect critical networks from attack.

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BEC MX-200 PL9 Industrial 4G LTE Router

The BEC MX-200 PL9 Advanced Industrial Router is a high-performance, ultra-compact industrial-grade router, designed to deliver reliable and secure connectivity for Anterix 900 MHz private LTE networks.

The BEC MX-200 PL9 is an ultra-compact platform specifically designed for limited space installations yet remains versatile and fully featured. The platform integrates robust cellular connectivity, active GPS, dual configurable Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, RS-232 serial device IP connectivity, and enterprise-level functionality such as advanced security mechanisms, Quality of Service (QoS), SPI firewall, VPN Termination, and auto-failover for unparalleled uptime and network redundancy.

Managed by BECentral®, BEC’s cloud-based device management platform, subscribers benefit from zero-touch provisioning, visual dashboards with real-time analytics intelligence, detailed reporting, performance monitoring, extensible API, and complete lifecycle management.

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High-performance industrial router for hazardous environments and mission-critical applications.

Digi IX30 provides secure, reliable connectivity to industrial controllers, process automation equipment and smart grid assets in virtually any location. Additional I/O ports reduce the need for third-party devices between the managed products and the router, and eliminates additional potential points of failure.

The C1D2 certified and NEMA TS2 temperature rated Digi IX30 is an ideal networking choice for process automation controllers, remote data loggers, flow meters, sensing equipment, telco infrastructure, traffic and obstruction lighting, and smart grid assets.

The combination of superior performance and industry-leading Digi Remote Manager® (Digi RM) makes Digi IX30 a true Industry 4.0 solution.

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TELiG E1500 High Capacity Industrial Gateway

Industrial hardened, the TELiG E500 is capable of supporting multiple services + multiple wirelines and wireless configurations in a single box. Its powerful computing platform utilizes the latest LTE, CBRS, and 5G technology to provide communication and edge computing capabilities across Industrial markets. The TELiG E1500 has a full suite of software to ensure security, integration, and interoperability. The modular design allows for multiple configuration options, network diversity, and technology evolution.

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Sierra Wireless
AirLink® RV50X: Industrial LTE Router


The AW3874 – Flagship of the Alpha Wireless Utility Antenna Platform

Alpha Wireless is featuring its AW3874 dual-band antenna at DISTRIBUTECH 2022. The AW3874 is the leading antenna in Alpha Wireless’s utility antenna platform. This antenna features patent-pending Frequency Transparent Dipole Technology™, enabling the antenna to transmit Anterix 900 MHz and CBRS 3.5 GHz signals with the same ultra-compact antenna.

There are multiple benefits of transmitting two frequencies in one antenna.

  • Reduced equipment cost
  • Decreased Installation costs
  • Less wind load

Alpha Wireless designs the AW3874 with sidelobe suppression built-in, reducing beam spill and site interference. This innovative design provides highly focused radiation and high antenna gain, giving you stronger signal levels and improving network throughput and reliability. The antenna is compact and lightweight for easy installation.

Alpha Wireless partners with our customers to deploy high-performance networks at the lowest possible TCO. Since 2007 we’ve deployed 1.5 million antennas worldwide, so we have the knowledge and experience to advise you on your network build. Our core set of antennas is available for quick delivery. We’ll build you a custom solution in 90 days if you need something different.

Visit Alpha Wireless in Booth 3613 and see the AW3874. Our experts will be there to talk about your challenges and discuss how Alpha Wireless antenna solutions can play a part in modernizing your network.

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OCT4-2AA2Q-RD65 Base Station Antenna

Trusted by the leading telecommunications brands in the ultra-competitive Japanese mobility market, DENGYO provides wireless technology and antenna solutions to companies like NTT Docomo, KDDI, Rakuten and SoftBank Mobile. This experience gives us the ability to easily create wireless solutions that satisfy even the most ardent demands of the North American market.

From indoor antennas with minimal visual distraction to multi-band shared antennas and filters for LTE, 5G wireless and beyond, DENGYO focuses on performance quality and clean aesthetics to create wireless technology that performs exceptionally well.

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