Anterix Answers: The Future of Communications for Utilities – 900 MHz Private Wireless Broadband

Anterix Answers: The Future of Communications for Utilities - Private Wireless Broadband Networks

Mike Brozek, Anterix’s VP of Customer Success, explains the advantages of a 900 MHz private LTE network for utilities. Recognizing the pivotal role of communication in utility operations, Brozek explains the traditional approach of in-house solutions. He emphasizes that while LTE stands as a global wireless standard, utilities opting for commercial carriers may encounter limitations. In contrast, licensed spectrum, like the 900 MHz private LTE network, offers better coverage and control, making it more cost-effective for utilities in the long run.

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Anterix Answers: Anterix Active Ecosystem

Anterix Answers is a video series that is aimed at empowering utilities with the latest industry insights and trends.

This video features key insights from Ryan Gerbrandt, Anterix’s COO, who highlights the importance of a robust ecosystem for modern communication networks.

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