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Anterix Answers: The Future of Communications for Utilities – 900 MHz Private Wireless Broadband

Anterix Answers: The Benefits of Using a Private LTE Network for Utilities 

Alice Moy-Gonzalez, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at Anterix, sheds light on the changing landscape of the utility sector and the importance of modern communications in building a resilient and cyber-secure grid.

Key Insights:

  • The once in a generation storm is happening every single year, sometimes more than once a year, and the grid needs to be up.
  • A private wireless network requires the right technology, such as LTE and the appropriate spectrum band. As a global standard, LTE offers access to a vast and diverse ecosystem.
  • Utilities that are investing in private networks see a value in being able to quantify their investment and the benefits that it brings.
  • As they look at the future evolution of the grid, they’re also leveraging the ability to scale their private network not just for the use cases of now, but what their grid would look like.

With more frequent natural disasters, aggressive clean energy goals, and the need for better control and real-time visibility, utilities are investing in private wireless networks to match their communication network strategy. 

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