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Anterix Answers: Anterix Active Ecosystem

Anterix Answers is a video series that is aimed at empowering utilities with the latest industry insights and trends.

This video features key insights from Ryan Gerbrandt, Anterix’s COO, who highlights the importance of a robust ecosystem for modern communication networks. He explains that an ecosystem with a collective interest, diversity of ideas, and innovation can help solve unique and complex problems for the industry.

Key Insights: 

  • Innovation is a long-term investment
  • A robust ecosystem is necessary for real value extraction in utilities
  • The Anterix Active Ecosystem is a powerful tool for collective interests and diversity of ideas
  • Ecosystem takes the burden off utilities for integration and technology validation
  • Specific solutions allow for faster paths to value
  • Ecosystem solves today’s challenges and builds development for future application solutions in utilities

What is the Anterix Active Ecosystem?

The Anterix Active Ecosystem unites top-tier technology companies that are supporting 900 MHz private wireless networks and are shaping the landscape of private wireless broadband for critical infrastructure. Our members benefit from technical assistance, collaborative tools, and marketing support to foster the creation of innovative products and services tailored for 900 MHz private wireless networks, thereby empowering utilities and the critical infrastructure sector.

Anterix is architecting a new foundation that enables the modernization of critical infrastructure for energy, transportation, logistics and others. Help us spread the word.

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