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February 26 – 29
in Orlando, Florida

Visit Anterix at Booth #2001

Utility meets
Connectivity. NOW.

Immerse yourself in the future of utility private wireless broadband communications with more than 100 of the industry’s tech innovators, all unveiling brilliant ideas to make our energy future better, brighter, and more secure.


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900 MHz Private Wireless Broadband is the Foundation for the Future.

A communications infrastructure built on utility-grade 900 MHz private LTE is a smart, long-term solution that enables utilities to achieve their goals—STARTING NOW.

PRIVATE for ultimate control and ownership. BROADBAND for more data. WIRELESS for greater flexibility. LTE for standardization.

Transmission | Distribution | Communications


Maximum cyber security protection

Operational Improvements

Accessible data exchanged in real-time (without going into the field)

Customer Improvement

Predict and prevent public safety threats, improve utility security and enable smart city technologies


Real-time visibility to support a proactive posture, quick response time and ability to meet capacity demands

Clean Energy Targets

Support and proactively advance strategic electrification efforts


Utility meets
Connectivity. NOW.

Enhancing Utility Connectivity Through Secure Wireless
Broadband Networks.


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Speaking Session

BOT Presentation

Mar Tarres (Anterix),
Sobhan Pratha (Infosys)

Where: Infosys Booth #630
When: Tuesday, February 27th 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

Peer-to-Peer Exchange

Utility Communications: Enabling the Grid of
the Future

Bobbi Harris, Executive Director, UBBA

Wassim Akhdar, SVP of Product and Innovation, Anterix
Matt Lenzini, Sr Principal – Business Consulting, Infosys

Where: Room #W310B
When: Wednesday, February 28th at 10:15am - 11:15am ET

Cocktail Party

A Toast To Innovation

With Opening Remarks from:
Elaine Allyn, Manager, OT Network Architecture and Engineering, SDG&E

Swing by for a laugh, drink and some serious innovation.

Where: Anterix Booth #2001
When: Wednesday, February 28th at 3:00pm - 5:00pm ET

Demonstration Areas in

Booth #2001:

Start Your Private Wireless Broadband Journey:

Simplify, de-risk, and accelerate your journey to private wireless broadband with expertise and insights.

Cyber & Physical Security:

Protection from security threats and outages, ensuring service is maintained for customers.

Grid Edge |
Advanced Metering:

Improved grid edge communications, operational efficiency, and control.

Tools & Expertise:

Tools and expertise to start your private wireless broadband journey today.


Enhanced real-time remote monitoring, control, and management via private wireless networks to mitigate outages and safely coordinate field operations, emergency response, and mutual aid.

Clean Energy |
Mobile Workforce:

Accelerating the path toward a net-zero electric grid with simplified integration of renewables and DERs. Streamlined, efficient mobile workforce communications. 

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Join 100+ technology innovators who are enabling utilities to achieve their grid modernization goals via 900 MHz private LTE networks.

We are bringing leading technology companies together that are supporting 900 MHz private LTE (PLTE) networks and shaping the future of private wireless broadband. Members enjoy technical assistance, collaborative tools, and marketing support to develop products and services for 900 MHz private LTE networks enabling utilities and the critical infrastructure sector.

Many of our members will be at DISTRIBUTECH!
Visit their booths highlighted on our custom map!

Anterix Catalyx

CatalyX® is the first Anterix Active Ecosystem Platform commercial solution designed to accelerate utility adoption of 900 MHz private LTE networks. CatalyX simplifies connectivity management by integrating state-of-the-art SIM technology, device SIM management, and private to public roaming to deliver the flexibility and security that utilities require.


Revisit Our Insights from Last Year

Embark on a journey through the transformative energy landscape of 2023. Rewind and witness the energy, ideas, and innovation that made DISTRIBUTECH an unforgettable experience.
Check out our curated videos for an immersive recap.


Anterix at DISTRIBUTECH International 2023


900 MHz private LTE
is the Foundation for the Future


2023 Anterix Ecosystem Conference – 
Key Takeaways


Check out our Energy Central Special Issue:

Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Private LTE Networks and the Grid Applications Utilities Are Really Pursuing

This special edition includes first-hand accounts from leading utilities of the applications private LTE is enabling for them, as well as the use cases these applications address. It also provides a number of application spotlights from the technology companies driving the private LTE ecosystem.

Industry Insights

Explore these thought-provoking Industry Insights episodes for engaging dialogues that will provide you with valuable insights ahead of the conference.

Full Speed Ahead for Grid Modernization: When Industry Priorities and Government Funding Align

Industry Insights Roundtable (Episode 25)

December 11, 2023

We explore the dynamics between utility industry priorities and government funding.

GridWise Alliance CEO Dr. Karen Wayland and West Monroe Senior Manager, Energy & Utilities Calvin Tong join a discussion with Anterix Chief Regulatory and Communications Officer Chris Guttman-McCabe.

Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Private LTE Networks and the Grid Applications Utilities Are Really Pursuing

Industry Insights Roundtable (Episode 24)

November 29, 2023

A recently released special issue of Energy Central discusses how utilities are embracing cutting-edge technologies to transform how they operate and serve their customers. In turn, these benefits help utilities deliver on the vision of a resilient and affordable clean energy future. Hear the perspectives of industry experts discussing how private LTE networks are fueling a wide and growing ecosystem of products, services, devices, and applications directly focused on addressing utility operational challenges and improving the customer experience.

Utility Driven Solutions

Industry Insights Roundtable (Episode 23)

May 25, 2023

Join industry experts as they discuss insights on solutions driven by utility needs including smart infrastructure applications, automation, monitoring, and asset management solutions.

Ecosystem members will discuss how their solutions are helping utilities realize improved ROI, reduced power costs, and are driving overall operational efficiency.

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