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pdvWireless acquires, swaps 900 MHz spectrum while awaiting FCC ruling on LMR-to-broadband proposal

As the FCC decides whether to rule on its proposal to transition some 900 MHz spectrum from land-mobile-radio (LMR) use to broadband, pdvWireless is buying and swapping airwaves in the band make its desired retuning task easier, according to Morgan O’Brien, the vice chairman for pdvWireless.

Under the pdvWIRELESS proposal, a 5×5 MHz swath of interleaved 900 MHz spectrum that was designed for LMR use in the 1980s would be reconfigured. If completed as planned, pdvWireless would have a nationwide, contiguous 3×3 MHz swath at the upper end of the band that could support broadband technologies like LTE, while the lower end of the band would continue to be used for narrowband communications. Read More

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