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UBBA Webinar: Private networks: An essential tool for modernizing power grids and lowering operational expenses

Ryan Gerbrandt, Chief Operating Officer at Anterix was a panelist on the UBBA Webinar, sponsored by Ericsson.

Not since large-scale deployments of smart meters has there been as much interest and motivation to transform the utilities communications network. #LTE and #5G private networks promise to address a wide range of operational initiatives. In this session, our expert panel will address:

  • What makes cellular a key technology and what is the role of private vs. public networks?
  • What are the key use cases that drive ROI?
  • What investment is required?
  • What first steps can you take?

Thought Leadership for this webinar will come from:
Jennie Bratten (Ericsson)
Ryan Gerbrandt (Anterix)
Bruce Albright (Burns & McDonnell)
Brian Carlson (Hitachi ABB Power Grids)
Gautam Talagery (Ericsson Networks)

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