Three Ways Push-To-Talk Radio Can Improve Your School Bus Student Management Plan

School Bus Student Management & Safety Planning with Two-Way Radios

From ensuring every student boards the bus in the morning to tracking your football team during an away game, school administrators and faculty are faced with numerous concerns when it comes to student security and school bus management. DispatchPlus is designed to streamline the efforts of school bus student management planning by creating an instantaneous connection between driver and school personnel. Here’s a closer look at three ways push-to- talk radios equipped with DispatchPlus can improve the safety of students and bus drivers and streamline the efforts of communication with administrators.

1. Alleviate Parental Concerns with Bus Stop Logging Details & Alerts

As any school staff member knows, things happen. From a bus stuck in traffic to a second grader that boards the wrong bus in the afternoon, DispatchPlus provides administrators and parents peace-of- mind, knowing they can remain updated in real-time. With the ability to send and receive date, time, and location-stamped alerts, drivers can notify the school as soon as an event happens. This allows the school to communicate with frantic parents in the most effective manner, eliminating the need for multiple calls.

2. Instantly Locate a Bus Full of Students with GPS Tracking

While events away from school are exciting for students, they can be stressful for administration and parents. Whether students are on their way home from school or on a field trip out of the normal route area, DispatchPlus GPS tracking allows administrators to immediately locate a bus on a color-coded map.

3. DOT-Compliance for the Safety of Students On and Off the Bus

School bus drivers’ number one priority is student safety. At the same time, however, they must consider the rules of the road. DispatchPlus and our Motorola push-to- talk radios are DOT- compliant, which helps ensure that the drivers are focused on the task at hand. That means increased safety for the entire student body as well as others on the road.

Enhance the Management of your School Bus Fleet with DispatchPlus 

Helping to alleviate the concerns of parents, decrease the risks of school bus emergencies, and increase safety before, during, and after transit, DispatchPlus serves as the solution that school administrators have been looking for. This DOT-compliant system was designed with the needs of school bus systems in mind, making it an integral component of your school bus student management plan.

If you’re curious about how to enhance your school bus fleet, or if you are interested in DispatchPlus for your business, contact us today or request a demo.