Xcel Energy’s Journey to 900 MHz PLTE

Industry Insights Episode 17

What is the value proposition for deploying a utility-controlled private LTE network? What are the key use cases it can support? How does a multi-operating company utility move forward with a transformational project like private LTE? Why is beneficial to the communities that utilities serve?

Rewatch the session with Jeff Levy, Xcel Energy’s VP of Infrastructure and Shared Services and Ryan Gerbrandt, Anterix’s COO as they discuss Xcel Energy’s 900 MHz private LTE journey, the rationale for its decision to adopt that solution, the enhanced value opportunities that it may unlock, and how its comprehensive evaluation process can help other utilities efficiently reach their own decisions.

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Cat-M1 Joint Paper by Anterix and Ericsson

Cat M1

As utilities and smart grid vendors continue to address the challenges of grid modernization, 3GPP LTE low power wide-area (LPWA) technologies will play a key role. While NB-IoT and Cat-M1 (also referred to LTE-M or Cat-M) are both viable alternatives for today’s utility networks, Cat-M1 is becoming increasingly important due to the ability to deliver faster data rates (as compared to NB-IoT) as well as the low latency required for smart meters, distributed automation, and other grid modernization applications.

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Energy Central Special Issue: UTILITY GUIDE TO PRIVATE LTE

Energy Central Special Issue: UTILITY GUIDE TO PRIVATE LTE

Mar Tarres, Anterix’s Vice President of Commercial Operations, has contributed an article to Energy Central’s special issue “Utility Guide to Private LTE”. Her piece titled, “Accelerating 900 MHz Private LTE solutions with device security and control required for grid modernization” discusses the evolution of the power grid and the deployment of private LTE. This article…

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A Conversation on Wildfire Mitigation Tools Enabled by a Private Network


As we approach the close of wildfire season, this month we feature two game-changing solutions that allow utilities to safely and efficiently deliver electricity while significantly reducing the devastating risks of wildfires. LineVision’s dynamic line rating and line monitoring solution allow utilities to deliver more power over existing lines while detecting movement in lines to help prevent a potential breakage. If a line does break, SEL’s Falling Conductor Protection comes in for the save.

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