Wildfire Mitigation for Utilities by Anterix and T&D World

Wildfire Mitigation eBook

Driven by climate change, the increase in wildfires may seem irreversible in the short run, but some utilities are taking action and showing the industry that currently available technologies can help mitigate this substantial risk. From grid visibility improvements to resonant grounding and falling conductor protection, there is a range of applications utilities are already…

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Women Leading Utilities Discussing Grid Modernization

With the influx of federal infrastructure funds and ever-increasing attention to decarbonization and integrating renewable energy resources, focus on grid modernization grows ever sharper. Join a panel of accomplished utility executives as they discuss the grid modernization challenges that confront their organizations and the essential role they see for communications networks generally–and private LTE specifically–in addressing them.

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Expanding on the Utility Guide to Private LTE

As discussed in Energy Central’s recently released special issue, Utility Guide to Private LTE, now more than ever, utilities are being asked to deliver greater resilience, intelligence, and security to support grid modernization. The rapidly growing requirements for utilities to support all these changes while transforming to withstand extreme weather conditions, the adoption of DERs, and more has shifted how utilities need to think about their communication networks.

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Cat-M1 Joint Paper by Anterix and Ericsson

Cat M1

As utilities and smart grid vendors continue to address the challenges of grid modernization, 3GPP LTE low power wide-area (LPWA) technologies will play a key role. While NB-IoT and Cat-M1 (also referred to LTE-M or Cat-M) are both viable alternatives for today’s utility networks, Cat-M1 is becoming increasingly important due to the ability to deliver faster data rates (as compared to NB-IoT) as well as the low latency required for smart meters, distributed automation, and other grid modernization applications.

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