Private broadband for utilities

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    The new era of grid modernization is here

Anterix is modernizing utility communications through Private LTE

Anterix is architecting a new foundation for utilities that will enable the modernization of their critical infrastructures to a whole new standard.

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Private broadband networks help utilities automate processes, monitor environmental conditions, enable artificial intelligence, and drive productivity. And that’s just the beginning. Our customers can deploy robust Private LTE Networks that they control, all on a standards-based platform to ensure future scalability.

What the industry is saying:

“Having a brand new, truly mission-critical, highly reliable, highly secure network at Southern Company positions us extremely well to meet the needs of our operating companies and our external commercial customers—who value mission-critical communications.”

Tami Barron, CEO, Southern Linc

Safe. Resilient.

The new standard for a smarter grid.

Private LTE offers the data speeds, technical flexibility, signal prioritization, and security necessary to activate a smarter grid. We know that utilities need to drive technology solutions, far and wide—even in remote locations—in order to both safely and efficiently upgrade, maintain and repair power lines, pipelines, sensors, and more. With unprecedented scale supported by a global network of suppliers and developers, LTE the most economical network to offer the functionality and flexibility that modern utilities demand.

As the nation's largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 900 MHz band (896-901/935-940 MHz) throughout the contiguous United States, plus Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, Anterix is uniquely positioned to deliver the transformative power of private broadband technology for Utilities.


Anterix is a founding member of the Utility Broadband Alliance

We helped form the Utility Broadband Alliance as part of our mission to help champion and advance the development of private broadband networks as a key enabler of the Smart Grid and beyond. As a member we actively foster collaboration among utilities and ecosystem partners to develop and innovate solutions that uniquely serve the industry.


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