The Role of Two-Way Radio Systems in Construction Risk Mitigation

From hazardous machinery to noisy work site conditions, there is no denying that construction is a dangerous line of work. However, companies can drastically mitigate construction risks with one simple element: clear and dependable communication. DispatchPlus by pdvWIRELESS offers the instantaneous voice communication that is necessary for not only proper coordination of multiple job sites, but also for the utmost safety of workers.

Thanks to its compatibility with both smart devices and MOTOTRBO two-way radio systems, DispatchPlus allows you to reach your entire team, including drivers, onsite workers, and field management, in a matter of seconds. This information helps to secure operational efficiency in addition to fostering a more secure environment for your team.

Safety Made Seamless with Construction-Grade Radios

Any time workers step onto the construction site they are met with numerous risks. From noisy cranes and diggers to drastic weather conditions, workers must be able to communicate clearly to ensure both efficiency and safety. Meanwhile, management must be able to track the whereabouts of their workforce. Two-way radios equipped with DispatchPlus can increase the safety and productivity of an entire worksite through numerous features:

Clear, Digital Audio Communication: Thanks to enhanced audio and noise-cancelling technology, construction workers can convey necessary information to management and vice versa, from anywhere, even amid loud machinery or noisy traffic conditions.

Man-Down Alerts in Emergency Situations: From heat exhaustion to a life-threatening fall, MOTOTRBO two-way radios alert dispatch when a radio has been inactive for a period of time. That means quicker response times to emergency situations.

GPS for Workforce Tracking: Equipped with DispatchPlus GPS workforce tracking, management can keep tabs on the exact location of their extended teams anytime, from anywhere. Updates can be sent to convey a job is complete, a work order is in process, or there is an onsite emergency. That means dispatch can alert workers if a safety concern arises in their designated work zone, keeping them out of harm’s way.

Wide Area Radio Coverage: While some worksites may be small, others may be spread across an entire city. Two-way radios allow for instant group communication with an entire mobile fleet no matter where they may be located. That means management and dispatch can convey necessary information to the entire workforce in a matter of seconds. Any employee using a two-way radio or their personal smart device will have the capability to communicate instantly.

All-Equipped Construction Two-Way Radios with DispatchPlus

Thanks to the power of DispatchPlus, two-way radios offer much more than seamless communication. With safety alert features, workforce tracking, and group communication capabilities, you can keep your team secure, productive, and set up for success. Learn more about the ways two-way radios can help mitigate construction risks on your worksite by contacting us today.

Beyond operational efficiency, DispatchPlus is designed to improve the safety of your construction site. Experience the features of DispatchPlus two-way radios firsthand by requesting a demonstration.