Private LTE Technology Agreements

Building your network is easier with utility grade technologies already in lockstep.

We’re Bringing Industry Leaders Together To Solve Your Utility’s Hardest Communications Challenges.

Utilities are working to future-proof their communications networks which can be a complex process. They are focused on critical areas to:

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    Incorporate new distributed renewable energy resources and storage into the grid
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    Manage massive amounts of data from monitoring and controlling the multi-directional and intermittent flow of electricity
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    Combat challenges from electric vehicles, existing networks that are pushed beyond their limits, and cyber security threats
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    Build a robust communications platform that is private, secure, resilient and tailored for their changing needs

Anterix, in collaboration with industry leaders, offers trusted, purpose-built solutions to satisfy the industry’s most unique and complex challenges. Anterix and its ecosystem of technology collaborators can provide the right level of expertise and know-how to assist utilities in building state-of-the-art networks that meet today's needs with flexibility for the future.

Collaborators building 900 MHz networks with Anterix:


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