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    Bringing the transformative power of 900 MHz private broadband to utilities.

Anterix is building the foundation for smart infrastructure, smart cities and smart communities

We are focused on delivering transformative broadband that enables the modernization of critical infrastructure for energy, transportation, logistics and others. At Anterix, we are uniquely positioned to enable the solutions that support secure, resilient and customer‑controlled operations.


Safe. Resilient.


Industrial-Grade Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Industries and Enterprise Verticals

Our mission is to provide transformative broadband solutions for critical infrastructure industries and enterprises including next-generation communications platforms. We support digital transformations, infrastructure modernization, and cybersecurity strategies that will establish the new standard for performance and safety. Leveraging Anterix solutions, critical infrastructure customers can tackle their most impactful opportunities, unlocking applications from analytics to automation to edge monitoring and artificial intelligence. Together with Anterix, customers can build solutions that will scale and evolve with business needs.

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High-Tech Giants Collaborate To Launch Broadband Ecosystem For Utilities, Based On Anterix-Held Spectrum

October 18, 2021

There is a new constellation in the utility sky. It is a grouping in a loose association, called by its founding members “an active ecosystem,” of 37 high-tech companies committed to guiding the electric utilities in the digital age.

Anterix scores $30M lease with Evergy for 900 MHz spectrum

Fierce Wireless
September 20, 2021

Anterix is building steam with utility companies, notching a third long-term lease for use of its 900 MHz spectrum in a 20-year $30 million agreement with power company Evergy.

Anterix, Federated Wireless Collaborate to Offer Integrated 900 MHz / CBRS Services

The Fast Mode
August 18, 2021

Shared spectrum pioneer Federated Wireless and Anterix are collaborating to create a new Anterix offer combining dedicated use of Anterix’s 900 MHz broadband spectrum paired with Federated Wireless’ shared spectrum services that facilitate use of the CBRS band.

Coming Soon: A Win-Win Playbook for Utilities Boosting Rural Broadband

August 9, 2021

Utilities are investing in private communications networks, both wired and wireless, to support their utility of the future, to accommodate decarbonization, and to address cybersecurity and resiliency. The question: “How can this private network investment also benefit the community in addressing the digital divide?” is being raised more frequently.


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